Company Profile: BMS International Resources Limited

BMS International Resources Limited was established in January 2001.Our vision is to be the leader in the distribution of value added raw materials to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries in NigeriaWe have strong and powerful partners who have invested in research and development with strong after sales service.

We sell flavours and flavour systems and represent Givaudan Flavours,Switzerland in Nigeria. As a service to our clients,we sell Food Colours,Natural Colours,Sweeteners,Enzymes and Starch.

Our Target Market

Food and Beverage Industries
Pharmaceutical Industries
Cosmetics and Perfumery Industries

Our Products

Some of the products we market include Flavours ( Oleoresins,Emulsions for soft drinks,Flavour compounds ), Aspartame , Colours ( Food and Cosmetics Colours) and Various Industrial chemicals. Check our products page.

Our Customers

Key customers - 100
Others - 100

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